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It's with great pride that JVP announces the completion of the supply of more than 11,700 square meters of raised floor for the new headquarters of the Scuderia Ferrari F1 in Fiorano Modenese. Inside the building are designed and made the prototypes whizzing by challenging each other for the victory in circuits all over the world.


Two have been the products selected for this building: the office part saw the choice of C3TTL000, a lightweight and versatile panel, suitable to provide the performance required in a work environment at an affordable price. For the technical area instead was a foregone decision for our P4TTH001, our top panel in terms of mechanical performance, able to support heavy equipment and ensure the highest degree of safety in the presence of flames.


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The presence of the JVP raised floor was not noticed only by designers and engineers because of its speed of installation and for the many properties such as accessibility, but also from somebody else ... Kimi Raikkonen, during his first visit to the new GES, felt that he was walking on a different floor, and during an interview, at the time to say what had impressed him most about the new headquarters, he could not resist answering: "the suppleness of the floors".


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Excellence recognizes excellence, thanks Kimi!

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