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It is now open to the public the innovative Unicredit Pavilion, erected in the square Gae Aulenti in Porta Nuova, Milan.. The project was carried out by the study aMDL, of 'architect Michele De Lucchi, with the development team project leaded by the architects Nicholas Bewick and Vittorio Romano. To its realization has participated Flooring Corporation Srl with the supply of 1950 sqm of JVP raised floor, produced in Cantarana di Cona, near Venice. JVP has confirmed with this project its leadership in the implementation of the latest technologies of flooring used in building construction.




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The realization of the technical floor, placed on the ground, second and third floors of the building, it appeared as particularly complex by virtue of the performance required, of the particular installations that has been placed in the plenum which have required to raise the floor from the ground of a height of 40 to 60 cm and finally the inability to lay the foundation leads the entire project towards the adoption of a free-standing solution.


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For this purpose Flooring Corporation, the exclusive distributor of JVP in Italy, has designed a particularly high performance, using the JVP P4TTM001 system, consisting of a steel panel fully encapsulated with a core made of fiber and calcium sulphate, bolted to the panel thanks to four holes placed in the vicinity of the corners and capable of withstand the weight of forklifts and other mobile units, and allows operators to be able to work directly on the construction site raised safely. 


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The particular panel processing that allows you to give maximum stability and enhance the mechanical performance of the system is called "corner lock" and was essential for the realization of such a complex project. Only the raised floor JVP was able to ensure the certainty of the result.


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Integrated in the same raised fòoor system, there are a series of diffusers, positioned under the floor, helping to provide ventilation to the premises, bringing air on the surface thanks to the relevant grids made from Carson and projected by Flooring Corporation, while the distribution of electricity is guaranteed by towers " retractable "Woertz installed on the panels. The implementation of the system of raised floor JVP was performed by the company Biesse srl of Milan, which worked for decades with JVP and Flooring Corporation and nowadays continues a fruitful collaboration.


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The aMDL firm has predicted for the entire building a coating for the floor made with parquet slats of 75 mm width. and variable length, mm up to 800 mm. 2000. The choice of the JVP raised floor leads Flooring Corporation in the same direction of research and innovation followed in the design of the building, coming to use the parquet magnetic developed by JVP: a unique product of its kind, able to unite the traditional taste of a real wood floor with the latest technology in terms of covers for raised floors. This ensured a fast and simple laying of all finishes, even in the presence of a complex plot drawn by slats of wood, for a unique and spectacular result.


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