JVP are pleased to announce that our product range is now available on a Building Information Modelling (BIM) platform known as BIM Object, the virtual modelling programme that is creating a new international standard for the building industry. The BIM object platform has been used as it is a world leader in the implementation and promotion of the BIM standard and of the products available via this medium


But what exactly is BIM Object? According the definition given by www.bimobject.com itself “BIM object is an information container (repository) that holds all critical information about a building product designed and manufactured by a company or brand. The objects are viewable and visible on the web and can be downloaded for any BIM software and used by the Architect or Engineer throughout the whole design, documentation and construction process.”.


bimobject prodotti 


By using BIM the architects and consultants can work together, share data, check for inconsistencies, clashes and better work together. All drawings are basically an automatic output from the information model: it means that all plans, sections & elevations are generated automatically and are kept updated all the time. So the BIM objects are integrated in the design patterns in exactly the same ways in which they are going to be used at the time of construction of a building, guaranteeing the certainty of the result.


 bimobject c4ttm000


To understand in a better way how to use the JVP products in BIM and take a look to a preview of the files in download, here you are two short videos of explanation.


JVP on ArchiCAD:


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JVP on Revit


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The JVP product range is currently on the BIM object are all components available by clicking with the mouse on the images above or by following the link to the generic page for JVP products:



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