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The "Made in Italy" is synonymous with quality in the world, as it is EXPO for innovation. When our country has been designated as the official place for World Expo 2015, the two fields has been intertwined and the attention of the entire planet has been shifted on Milan.


For this reason JVP is particularly proud to have provided its raised flooring for the creation of the Italian Pavilion, the only one of the EXPO pavilions that will remain even after the end of the event, as a center of technological innovation in the service of the city. Flooring Corporation, the exclusive distributor of JVP for Italy, has delivered more than 6400 m2 of raised floor C4TTM001, that were laid working day and night in less than three months from Biesse srl of Milan, who was responsible also for the laying of JVP loose-lay ceramic coverings 600x600 and 600x1200, made with cork rubber and ABS edging.


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Quality, "Made in Italy" and innovation have always been the JVP keywords, together with conscience and respect of environment that lead us to fully join the philosophy of the Green Building, expressible also thanks to our many certifications for quality and sustainability.


ISO 14001


ISO 9001






 "Feeding the planet" is not only the slogan of EXPO 2015, but a commitment that starts from each of us and begins with the respect of the natural balance in which we live. JVP has decided to take up seriously this commitment, inserting it concretely in its corporate philosophy.


We take the liberty, if permitted, of a final gloss: the Italian Pavilion, together to Unicredit Pavilion and Ferrari GES, is a triptych of ultramodern and innovative works all made in Italy and completed in 2015. This demonstrates that our country, when wants, still has the ability to be a forefront of the international community and JVP is more than happy to contribute, with our modest strenghts, to a bigger cause.





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It's with great pride that JVP announces the completion of the supply of more than 11,700 square meters of raised floor for the new headquarters of the Scuderia Ferrari F1 in Fiorano Modenese. Inside the building are designed and made the prototypes whizzing by challenging each other for the victory in circuits all over the world.


Two have been the products selected for this building: the office part saw the choice of C3TTL000, a lightweight and versatile panel, suitable to provide the performance required in a work environment at an affordable price. For the technical area instead was a foregone decision for our P4TTH001, our top panel in terms of mechanical performance, able to support heavy equipment and ensure the highest degree of safety in the presence of flames.


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The presence of the JVP raised floor was not noticed only by designers and engineers because of its speed of installation and for the many properties such as accessibility, but also from somebody else ... Kimi Raikkonen, during his first visit to the new GES, felt that he was walking on a different floor, and during an interview, at the time to say what had impressed him most about the new headquarters, he could not resist answering: "the suppleness of the floors".


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Excellence recognizes excellence, thanks Kimi!




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JVP gets social! From today, you can follow us on linkedin - the virtual community for development of professional contacts - and Facebook - the most famous and popular social network in the world - thus remaining up to date on the latest news coming!

This will include both the strictly dedicated to the raised floor with photos of the works carried out, technical details and unpublished information and also the development of new integrated products and dedicated to the floor in the broadest sense of the term.






We take the opportunity also to remind you that the JVP is also present in BIM, the new standard virtual design platform that is radically changing the world of construction towards greater efficiency, quality and transparency. For this, JVP products have been "virtualized" and transformed into a digital representation with the same physical and functional features of the real product to which they refer and which allows designers to directly interact with them through ArchiCAD and Revit.









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It is now open to the public the innovative Unicredit Pavilion, erected in the square Gae Aulenti in Porta Nuova, Milan.. The project was carried out by the study aMDL, of 'architect Michele De Lucchi, with the development team project leaded by the architects Nicholas Bewick and Vittorio Romano. To its realization has participated Flooring Corporation Srl with the supply of 1950 sqm of JVP raised floor, produced in Cantarana di Cona, near Venice. JVP has confirmed with this project its leadership in the implementation of the latest technologies of flooring used in building construction.




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The realization of the technical floor, placed on the ground, second and third floors of the building, it appeared as particularly complex by virtue of the performance required, of the particular installations that has been placed in the plenum which have required to raise the floor from the ground of a height of 40 to 60 cm and finally the inability to lay the foundation leads the entire project towards the adoption of a free-standing solution.


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For this purpose Flooring Corporation, the exclusive distributor of JVP in Italy, has designed a particularly high performance, using the JVP P4TTM001 system, consisting of a steel panel fully encapsulated with a core made of fiber and calcium sulphate, bolted to the panel thanks to four holes placed in the vicinity of the corners and capable of withstand the weight of forklifts and other mobile units, and allows operators to be able to work directly on the construction site raised safely. 


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The particular panel processing that allows you to give maximum stability and enhance the mechanical performance of the system is called "corner lock" and was essential for the realization of such a complex project. Only the raised floor JVP was able to ensure the certainty of the result.


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Integrated in the same raised fòoor system, there are a series of diffusers, positioned under the floor, helping to provide ventilation to the premises, bringing air on the surface thanks to the relevant grids made from Carson and projected by Flooring Corporation, while the distribution of electricity is guaranteed by towers " retractable "Woertz installed on the panels. The implementation of the system of raised floor JVP was performed by the company Biesse srl of Milan, which worked for decades with JVP and Flooring Corporation and nowadays continues a fruitful collaboration.


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The aMDL firm has predicted for the entire building a coating for the floor made with parquet slats of 75 mm width. and variable length, mm up to 800 mm. 2000. The choice of the JVP raised floor leads Flooring Corporation in the same direction of research and innovation followed in the design of the building, coming to use the parquet magnetic developed by JVP: a unique product of its kind, able to unite the traditional taste of a real wood floor with the latest technology in terms of covers for raised floors. This ensured a fast and simple laying of all finishes, even in the presence of a complex plot drawn by slats of wood, for a unique and spectacular result.


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JVP are pleased to announce that our product range is now available on a Building Information Modelling (BIM) platform known as BIM Object, the virtual modelling programme that is creating a new international standard for the building industry. The BIM object platform has been used as it is a world leader in the implementation and promotion of the BIM standard and of the products available via this medium


But what exactly is BIM Object? According the definition given by itself “BIM object is an information container (repository) that holds all critical information about a building product designed and manufactured by a company or brand. The objects are viewable and visible on the web and can be downloaded for any BIM software and used by the Architect or Engineer throughout the whole design, documentation and construction process.”.


bimobject prodotti 


By using BIM the architects and consultants can work together, share data, check for inconsistencies, clashes and better work together. All drawings are basically an automatic output from the information model: it means that all plans, sections & elevations are generated automatically and are kept updated all the time. So the BIM objects are integrated in the design patterns in exactly the same ways in which they are going to be used at the time of construction of a building, guaranteeing the certainty of the result.


 bimobject c4ttm000


To understand in a better way how to use the JVP products in BIM and take a look to a preview of the files in download, here you are two short videos of explanation.


JVP on ArchiCAD:


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JVP on Revit


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The JVP product range is currently on the BIM object are all components available by clicking with the mouse on the images above or by following the link to the generic page for JVP products:




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