How is our 

raised access floor

made and produced?



The idea, all considered, was quite simple, which quite often happens for the very clever one.


inventing JVP 4x4


Firstly, if the raised access floor has to resist the construction site’s working conditions and then the buildings daily use, its main characteristic has to be robustness.


We decided that the panel’s external steel enveloping should ensure the best possible resistance to construction site abuse: so, galvanised steel has been chosen as most suitable, as nothing like aluminium, calcium sulphate, cement or bare chipboard was able to provide the robustness that was needed.


We decided to use chipboard and calcium sulphate for the panel’s core, as the market had already been using them for many years: for both materials the really difficult job was deciding on the steel encapsulation of the core.


We evaluated the specific steel characteristics which give the best load bearing capacity once its mass is apart from the neutral deflection axis: so gluing the steel sheets to the core faces, we created a composite strong beam. Then we had to invent the pressed folding of the steel.


We closely studied the pressed closure design of a food can and decided to use its four fold rebated design to create a perimeter beam on the four edges of the panels: for this reason the panels do not need additional stringers to improve the loading performance.


One, two, three and four, the JVP 4x4 was born: a simply idea, with a strong performance as well as being innovative, like the best Italian way.


3.2 seconds to producing a panel


0.015% wastage in production


To produce something is always possible, but to produce it properly is a far more complex activity.


It needs good machinery, skilled as well as smart workers, safe working conditions and good logistic, all that in a comfortable and clean environment.


Our third generation production line was fully designed and assembled by JVP staff in 2002.


Up to date it is certainly the fastest and most efficient worldwide raised access flooring production line, able to manufacture a panel every 3.2 second, producing around 400 m2 per working hour, with a negligible production waste figure of less than 0.015%


Feel free to come to visit it, it will be a pleasure for us to receive you, in the meantime please have a look at our short images gallery…


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