Loose lay coverings


How is our

raised access floor



How and why to choose a covering on a raised access floor?

Day by day, far more often than in the past, the commercial and services buildings are erected as a financial investment, adopting the “real estate” philosophy, not knowing who will be the final user. 


an absolute freedom of choice

Obviously the raised access floor is part of the project since the beginning, in order to avoid having a new building already old from a technological aspect.


To choose at the beginning of construction which will be the final kind and quality of the floor’s surface is absolutely an inconvenient attitude, as it will be very big risk trying to understand which kind of “image” the future tenants will need.autoposante.cantiere.ceramica.biauto

From the financial point of view, for the investor and the builder is surely far more convenient to wait for the selling or letting of the available space before buying and laying the final floor’s covering.


As well as in order to give the final user the chance to choose exactly what he needs an likes, as well as the good opportunity to modify in the future only the finishing, keeping intact and not compromising the raised access floor itself.


The definitive surface finishing will consequently be an appropriate choice, chosen at the right time by the rigth people.


JVP could giude its customers on this choice, giving them suggestion about the most innovative and convenient solutions, together wit the specialized market leaders in the finishing market.


As an example, JVP already proposed since 2002 many new solutions, first providing a loose lay ceramic tiles system, than proceeding with the loose lay natural parquet wood covering: the research continues…



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