P1010691 JVP, originally named Joint Venture Production, is a long established Italian company, able to apply at its best the innovative "Made in Italy" feeling.


Founded in the 1998 in Piove di Sacco, between Padova and Venice, as a direct result of the region containing a local skilled raised access flooring workforce, linked together by the common aim to give to the market an innovative as well as a high performing product.

The result was the JVP 4x4system, a product with exceptionally high performance achieved by the four stage press-folding of the steel envelope, which encases the finished access flooring panels.


In the 1999, the first fully robotic production line started giving a production capacity of 400 panels per hour, which was more than doubled in the 2002 thanks to the new factory facility built in Cona, near to Venice.

This new "third generation" production line is now capable of producing more than 1.000 panels per hour, giving JVP the Italian leadership over all the other domestic producers.


A fully integrated distribution network ensures the whole worldwide raised access flooring market is well serviced, placing the right people in the most strategic and important local economies.

The growth has driven JVP to open new markets, developing its activities with some new product application's, linked to different technical thinking and attitudes.


The feed back has been encouraging, as some new interesting projects are already forecasting the JVP 4x4 raised access floor to be used instead of a more obsolete as well as "lazy" construction technology: the future comes fast, and JVP will be ready to recognize and service it.

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